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 Registration FAQ's (or How to register for the uninitiated)

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PostSubject: Registration FAQ's (or How to register for the uninitiated)   Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:50 am

Please Note:
To gain access to these forums, you must
1) Have been in KoJ for at least 2 weeks
2) Be a tagged member of KoJ

This is a simple walk though, with pictures, to get you registered on the forums.

Step 1:

Click on register.

Step 2:

User name: the name that you used to register on facebook with (i.e. John Doe)
Password: the password that you will use to access these forums
Confirm Password: Self-Explanatory.

At this point the administravta will do a check to make sure that you are really a member of KoJ. This could take up to 3 real days (72 hours).

If you turn out to be a member of KoJ, you will get 2 emails.
The first one will confirm your account

The second will let you know that you are accepted and verified

once you get the second email, you can access the

Knights of Justice Forums and login

Congrats, you are now on the KoJ forums
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Registration FAQ's (or How to register for the uninitiated)
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